Xperio UV

All Polarized prescription sun lenses are not the same. Xperio UV lenses are so superior to other polarized sun lenses that they take the outdoor vision protection to a whole new level. From superior color, clarity & optics to unparalleled UV protection, Xperio UV lenses gives you the best vision under the sun!

Xperio UV Superior Polarized Sun Lenses

  • Eliminate 100% of blinding reflective glare
  • Combines Essilor’s premium polarized lens with a backside Crizal Sunshield UV, giving wearers the ultimate protection of an E-SPF 50+
  • Up to 3 times more scratch resistant than competitive polarized lenses
  • Sharpest vision and clarity to see vibrant colors
  • Priced less than ordering an Essilor polarized with Crizal Sunshield UV a la carte.

All Xperio UV lenses are available in Gray, Brown & Grey/Green.

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Xperio UV