The Sportsgard Program


Summer is here, and the weather is perfect to get out and have some fun!  So why not protect your eyes in style with Select Optical’s new SPORTSGARD package!  Whether you’re up to bat, completing a pass, or teeing off, you’ll be doing it in style with a fashionable and durable pair of glasses from Select Optical.

Select Optical’s SPORTSGARD program includes:

  • Single Vision Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Hilco C2 Goggle in 6 colors and 4 sizes
  • *NEW* C2 Unleashed available in 4 unique styles:  Finish Line, Warrior, Free Spirit, and Twisted Skull
  • Convenient carrying case

All orders include a One-Time Replacement Warranty against lens or frame breakage!

Base power range = +/- 4.00 Sphere. -2.00 Cylinder

  Additional Add-On Options are Available

  • Optifog w/TD2
  • Solid Tint
  • Transitions
  • Sharpview Non Glare
  • FT 28
  • Optifog w/Crizal
  • Polarized
  • Transitions Vantage
  • Trivex
  • Trivex/Transitions Combo
  • Higher Powers

For more information or to place an order, please contact your customer service representative.