The Millennial Package

Select Optical’s new Millennial Package (Available May 1st, 2016) offers a solution to the harmful blue light and annoying glare of modern day electronics!  Children and young adults are bombarded by harmful blue ultra-violet light due to constant exposure to cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices.  Studies show that this blue violet light can be damaging to the eyes, potentially causing serious issues later in life, and negatively impacting the sleep cycle.

This package features SV Polycarbonate *Eyezen+ lenses, which block blue light, and a stylish frame, all for one price.  Additional upgrades such as Crizal Prevencia and Transitions lenses are available as an add-on to the package.

Protect your younger patients by offering a package that will protect them, at a very reasonable price.  Order the Select Optical Millennial Package today!

The package includes 12 frames to choose from, packaged in a white presentation box.  Order the jobs complete from Select and keep the frame samples in your box for future orders.  To place a kit order (which is available for a limited time on consignment), or for more information about the Millennial Package, please call Alucia Potts at (614)846-5750 ext 109, or email at apotts@selectoptical.com

*Eyezen+ lenses!  Ask your sales rep for details!