Essilor Anti-Fatigue

Do your patients suffer from Visual Fatigue?

Do they experience tired eyes, headaches, eyestrain, and neck and shoulder pain?

They may be suffering from a condition known as Visual Fatigue Syndrome.

Today’s visual demands place greater stress on near and intermediate vision.

An increase in near and intermediate work with computers, laptops, cell phones, texting, PDAs, etc… add much to your eyes daily workload no matter what your age.

Prolonged use of these devices can cause eye fatigue. This condition is known as Visual Fatigue Syndrome.

The Essilor Anti-Fatigue Lens

The Essilor Anti-Fatigue Lens is a new alternative for the patient’s primary pair of glasses. The unique “power boost” (+.60D) area in the lower portion of the lens allows for more natural vision when doing work. It relieves the eyes of the full distance Rx for those younger patients and pre-presbyopes when they are doing near work. The lenses can be worn as the primary pair of glasses too.

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Essilor Anti-Fatigue